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  • Juvenile Diversion Contact List
  • Statewide Juvenile Diversion ListServ

    The Crime Commission has a statewide juvenile diversion ListServ. To be added to the ListServ, send a request here. To access the ListServ, click here.

Statewide Juvenile Diversion Program Meetings


Monitor Documents

Juvenile Diversion Case Management System


  • Deleting Cases and Profiles in the JCMS: This video goes over the steps to delete incorrectly entered case types and youth profiles in the JCMS.   Profiles should only be deleted if they are a duplicate youth in the system or were entered in error.
  • Entering New Clients: This video reviews the steps needed to create and enter a new youth in the JCMS.
  • Data Entry in JCMS - Intake Fields: This video will discuss data entry in JCMS as it pertains to the common fields across program types (address, school name, etc), including what a field turning red means, how to know that your data is saving if there is no save or submit button, and other frequently asked questions about JCMS data entry.  This video is not program specific, meaning the information can be applied to all program types.
  • Diversion Tabs - Adding Information under the tabs in Diversion Screens: This video will review the steps to add parent/guardian, charges, scores, diversion contract, diversion activity, alcohol/drug tests, and alias names to the JCMS in the diversion screens.
  • Administrative Functions for Diversion Programs: This video will review the different functions under the administrative tab in JCMS for diversion programs - setting the diversion office point of contact, drug tests, creating case plans, and selecting the assessments administered to the youth in the program.
  • Adding Cases to Existing Clients: This video discusses how to add a case to an existing client in JCMS when the youth is in more than one program or returns to a program after being discharged.
  • Avoiding Duplicate Youth: This video shows steps to take to avoid duplicate youth being created in the system, and also how the system will notify you - the message that comes up - if you try to enter a duplicate youth.
  • Running Reports: This video goes over the steps to run Currently Open, Currently Closed, and Case Summary by Date reports in JCMS and how to download them to Excel spreadsheets.
  • For additional JCMS videos, including additional program types and narrative information, click here.