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Handgun Qualification

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Waiver - Handgun/Continuing Education

Firearms Certification Standards

Title 79, Chapter 11, Firearms Certification Standards states the following:

005.01A Qualification Course: (1) All appointed law enforcement officers and reserve officers employed by a law enforcement agency, and individuals exercising law enforcement duties under a special deputy status shall qualify at least once every calendar year on a fifty round handgun course as established by the Council. Only the Council-approved qualification course will be considered as the annual Handgun Qualification Course.

005.01D Agency Reporting outlines that the agency will report the annual qualification of all of its officers.  Such report will be received no later than December 31, of each year.

NOTE:  If an officer works at any time during the calendar year, they must complete and report Firearms qualifications for that year.  

Officers who retire are also required to qualify during the last year of his/her employment.

Because the officer has left employment of the agency, the officer is no longer on the agency roster.  Therefore, it is unlikely that the officer’s former agency will report qualification for the officer since they won’t show up on the NCJIS roster. 

To report:  The former officer will need to have the firearms instructor who qualified him or her to send an email to the NLETC that the officer qualified during that calendar year. 

Title 79, Chapter 11, sect 008 addresses the Waiver requirements. Waivers may be requested on behalf of officers who are unable to meet the qualification requirements.  Waivers for Firearms must be submitted no later than February 1st.

If an officer does not qualify or is not granted a waiver from the Police Standards Advisory Council, the officer’s status will be suspended.  (Section 009.01A) To be removed from suspended status, the officer must qualify on the Nebraska qualification course as administered by a Nebraska certified firearms instructor.  This must be reported to the NLETC and the officer must submit the re-instatement fee.  Upon receipt of all required documentation and the re-instatement fee, the officer will be removed from suspended status. Click here for waiver form.

Basic Training Ammunition Requirements (Amounts are subject to change.)

Only new or professional reloads are acceptable (No Do-It-Yourself reloaded bullets allowed).

Amerc, Herter's, and Wolf ammunition is not allowed on the firearms range. No steel casing for handguns will be allowed.

  • 1000 rounds handgun ammo
  • 100 rounds birdshot shotgun shells
  • 10 rounds 00 buckshot
  • 5 rounds 12 gauge slugs
  • 1000 rounds of rifle ammo (.223 or 5.56) 

Retired Officer Handgun Qualification

The Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center offers qualified, retired officers in good standing the opportunity to complete the Nebraska State Handgun Qualification course in one of two ways if their previous agency does not or cannot provide an opportunity for the retired officer to qualify. This service is offered to assist retired officers in meeting the requirements of Federal statute HR 218 to carry a concealed firearm under its provisions.

Retired officers can make an appointment at the NLETC with the lead firearms instructor and shoot the course at NLETC or shoot the qualification course under the supervision of any Nebraska Firearms Instructor at another agency range with the permission of the firearms instructor’s agency.

NLETC does not provide this service to active law enforcement officers. Active officers must qualify through their employing agency.

Requirements to participate in either program:

  • You must be a qualified, retired law enforcement officer in good standing with your agency of previous employment.
  • You must have a photograph ID from your agency of retirement that identifies you as a retired officer in good standing from the agency.
  • You must have one other form of photograph ID to present with your retirement ID.
  • You must have a safe, functioning handgun that meets range standards. If qualifying at NLETC, you must have 380 caliber, 38 caliber, 357 caliber, 9mm, 10mm, 40 caliber and 45 caliber pistols or revolvers.
  • You must have 50 rounds of factory manufactured ammunition for each qualification round you shoot.
  • You must attest to being in good standing as a retired law enforcement officer using Form TC-004B.

If qualifying at NLETC:

  • You must sign a waiver of liability TC-038.
  • You must participate in a range safety class provided on the qualification day, prior to shooting.
  • There is a seventy five dollar, ($75) fee for the handgun qualification to cover range expenses. It must be paid on the qualification day prior to shooting. Qualification fees will not be refunded.

If not qualifying at NLETC:

Each participant will be permitted two opportunities to qualify on the State fifty round qualification course on any one day. Participants should have adequate ammunition to complete the two qualification courses should the need arise to shoot the course twice. Any Nebraska Certified Firearms instructor can administer the qualification course, but will not provide training or instruction during the qualification. Participants who commit safety violations on the range will be removed from shooting that day. Participants who fail to qualify may participate in a future qualification date.

If you are not qualifying at NLETC, you or the instructor will not have to submit any paperwork to NLETC. The instructor can use the link to the blank form above to issue a card showing that you completed the qualification.

A description of the Nebraska handgun qualification course is available above. Further information about the course can be found in Rule and Regulation, Title 79, Chapter 11. The Operating Instruction covering this program is 50-63.

Please contact the NLETC at 308-385-6030 for more information.