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Nebraska Crime Commission

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Handgun Instructor Qualification

Waiver - Handgun/Continuing Education

Firearms Certification Standards


The information here applies only to handgun. Patrol Rifle information is located here

Title 79, Chapter 11 Firearms Certification Standards is located at this link.

Qualification Course

Title 79, Chapter 11, 005.01A Qualification Course Handgun: (1) All appointed law enforcement officers and reserve officers employed by a law enforcement agency, and individuals exercising law enforcement duties under a special deputy status shall qualify at least once every calendar year on a fifty round handgun course as established by the Council. Only the Council-approved qualification course will be considered as the annual Handgun Qualification Course.

The Council Qualification courses for handgun are provided above.

If you have any questions regarding the firearms program at NLETC, please contact lead firearms instructor Wyatt Hoagland at