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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Firearms Instructor

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Students are responsible for lodging ($25.00 double occupancy) and meals.

NLETC reserves the right to limit the number of students from any one agency.  This is to provide equitable training throughout the state.

Prerequisite: None

Link: Title 79 Chapter 11

Course Description:  Students should have better than basic skill level shooting ability.  This course will provide participants with the basic instructional skills needed to establish and operate a firearms program for their agency.  This course is an instructor level course and is designed to teach you how to instruct others in the skill of shooting their handgun.  It is not merely a shooting course, it is focused on basic shooting fundamentals, how to correct those issues, and instructional development and delivery.

Topics include:  range safety, legal issues, basic marksmanship, reaction and precision shooting, exertion courses, weapons care and maintenance, ballistics, documentation, shot analysis, assisting problem shooters, line drills, and reduced light firing.

All classes and range exercises are conducted at the instructor level.  Students must be physically capable of quickly and safely assuming standing and kneeling positions, maintaining them, and safely recovering from them without assistance.

Entry Criteria:  Upon arrival, participants will be required to pass a pre-qualification course of fire with a minimum score of 90% of shots scoring in the Q.  The pre-qualification course of fire is the State of Nebraska Handgun Qualification course, shot on the standard NLETC Q target.  Failure to pass the pre-qualification will result in the participant being dismissed from the training immediately and not allowed to continue in the class.  There will be no make-up or a re-shoot.  This criteria is designed to insure participants are at a competency level capable of becoming a Firearms Instructor.

Certification Requirements:  Students will be required to successfully pass a written test over the classroom material with a score of 80%.  Students must successfully pass the NLETC Handgun Instructor Qualification Course with a score of 90% of shots being scored in the modified hit zone.  The course of fire is the State of Nebraska Handgun Qualification.  Participants will have 4 attempts through the week to pass the instructor qualification.  If the participant fails to successfully complete the instructor qualification by the last day of the course, they will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE.

The student will also be required to complete a 12-hour apprenticeship at NLETC the following basic class prior to being awarded the certification as a Firearms Instructor.

Certification is good for 3 years and must be renewed by attending a Firearms Instructor Recertification Course.


Equipment: Semi-automatic duty pistol and duty gear (what you carry and use on duty), three magazines, handgun cleaning equipment, soft body armor, wrap around eye protection, ear protection (preferably electronic), baseball style cap, flashlight, large sharpie marker, and range clothing (appropriate range clothing does not include shorts, open toed shoes, or sleeveless shirts).

Optional Equipment:  Red dot sights, weapon mounted lights

Ammunition:  1,500 rounds of semi-auto handgun ammunition.

Start Date: 08/19/2024     Start Time: 8:00 AM                          End Date: 08/23/2024

Tuition: $400.00 plus lodging and meals as applicable                    Class Limit: 20

Location: NLETC                      Instructor: Wyatt Hoagland 


Monday, August 19, 2024 - 8:00am to Friday, August 23, 2024 - 5:00pm