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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Law Enforcement Officer Reciprocity Certification

If you are a certified law enforcement officer from a state other than the State of Nebraska and desire to gain certification as a law enforcement officer in Nebraska, you will need to apply for, be admitted to and successfully complete the Reciprocity program. You cannot obtain Nebraska certification if your certificate has been revoked, suspended or is under current disciplinary review. If you have questions about your certificate’s status, please call the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center at (308) 385-6030.

On April 21, 2022, LB 1241 was enacted which changed the reciprocity program. Below are several of the changes to Reciprocity.

  • Removed attending Nebraska law enforcement training
  • Removed admissions examination for the Reciprocity program
  • Requires passing a physical fitness test
  • Requires passing a written examination
  • Requires development of study guide for written examination
  • Requires testing be conducted monthly
  • Classifies a Reciprocity officer as a noncertified conditional officer

What did not change with the passage of LB 1241 is the admission requirements into the reciprocity program.

In order to obtain Nebraska certification you must first apply for the program. You will need to meet all of the standards as outlined in Title 79, Chapter 3 and Chapter 8. To apply for the program, at a minimum you must have:

  1. Graduated from a basic certification academy and received a law enforcement certification
    1. Provide a copy of certification or license; must be submitted with application
  2. Training, and education that meets or exceeds Nebraska’s basic certification training (PSAC determined that this can include continuing education hours)
    1. Submitted the basic training curriculum, any additional certificates
    2. Complete the curriculum comparison
    3. Submitted the dates of employment from ALL previous law enforcement agencies
  3. Submit letters from previous Law Enforcement Agency Head or Hiring Authority Stating:
    1. Dates of employment.
    2. Officer left in good standing.
  4. Submit a non-refundable processing fee of $200.00.

In addition to the requirements above, please submit all forms for admission (Previous versions of this application packet will no longer be accepted.) into the Reciprocity certification course to complete the application process. To request fingerprint cards email

If all of the preceding actions are completed, the next step for certification, is to schedule time to take the required tests.  There is a fee of $100.00 to sit for the exam. An applicant has two opportunities to pass the exams. If an applicant fails to pass the exam(s) he/she will be required to attend the full basic course in order to obtain Nebraska certification.