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Separation from Employment

Separation from Employment

As outlined in Neb. Rev. §81-1414.15 (1) when an individual leaves employment as a law enforcement officer, the agency has 7 days to submit the change in status form.  This is submitted to the Compliance Coordinator, . Failure to submit the change in status form shall constitute neglect of duty according to Neb. Rev. §81-1414.15 (5).

The reason that an officer leaves employment must be provided by the agency administrator on the Change in status form. The reasons for leaving employment include, Resignation; Dismissal; or Retirement.  Under each reason is a selection that is based on serious misconduct that if chosen, will “lock” an officer’s certification.   This is known as a “791 lock” Neb. Rev. §81-1414.15.  The officer cannot obtain new law enforcement employment while locked.

If separation is based on grounds which constitute a 791, the agency must submit the following report within 30 days (791-agency reporting of Officer Misconduct). Reports are submitted to the Director,

Personnel Records of law enforcement officers

Neb. Rev. §81-1414.15 (2) requires that all law enforcement agencies maintain a records for the reason or reasons and circumstances surrounding the separation of service for each officer employed by that agency.  These records shall be kept for 5 years after the officer leaves employment.

Neb. Rev. §81-1414.15 (3) states that an agency that employs law enforcement officers shall maintain any and all records  of officer conduct which could constitute grounds for revocation or suspension of a law enforcement certificate.  The agency must maintain those records for the duration of that officer’s employment with the agency or for 10 years following the separation from the agency.

The agency is required to share these reports with a law enforcement agency who is a prospective employer for the officer.  Neb. Rev. §81-1414.11 (3)