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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Reporting for Patrol Rifle Qualification

Reporting of Patrol Rifle Qualifications

005.01D Agency Reporting states that the agency will report the annual qualification of all of its officers. Such report will be received no later than December 31, of each year.

Patrol Rifle reporting is completed through InformaOne. If you have never accessed InformaOne or would like assistance in using the new database software please contact the InformaOne administrator, 308-218-6628.

For reference on the use of InformaOne the PDF below covers the interface and navigation of the software including the process of reporting using InformaOne.


Unlike handgun qualification, if an officer carries a patrol rifle but is unable to qualify with it, a waiver is not required to be requested. Additionally, if an officer does not qualify with a patrol rifle, the officer’s certificate is not suspended. However, the officer is not permitted to carry a patrol rifle until such time that the officer is able to qualify.