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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice


Reactivation of Nebraska Law Enforcement Certification

In order for an inactive (not employed) Nebraska certified officer to obtain an active certificate, the following standards, as outlined in Title 79, Chapter 4 must be met.

Be employed as a part or full time law enforcement officer working for more than 100 hours per year State Statute 81-1401. The certification of the officer cannot have been revoked or suspended and cannot be under current disciplinary suspension to be eligible for reactivation.

  • If an officer has been inactive for:
    • 1 day to 30 days, no training is required
  • 31 days to 2 years: completion of the State handgun qualification course and possession of a valid CPR/First Aid card
    • 2 years to 10 years: completion of the Council approved Reactivation certification training course and
      • The officer must:
      • Submit a non-refundable processing fee of $200.00.
      • Submit application forms for admission and meet the minimum admission standards required for certification as a law enforcement officer in the State of Nebraska.  
      • Demonstrate the ability to perform certain physical tasks as explained here.
      • Pay certification fee
  • If an officer has been inactive for more than 10 years: full application and completion of basic certification training program.

To request fingerprint cards email

The cost for the course is outlined on the Employment of Law Enforcement Officers in Nebraska page.

The Reactivation course requires you to attend classes on site at the NLETC for approximately four weeks. During that time, there is on-line course work that the student must complete. Failure to complete all training requirements will result in the student being required to attend the full basic course. The course is offered twice in the calendar year, once in January and the other in the fall.

After a Change in Status form has been submitted, all remaining application paperwork must be submitted to the NLETC within 60 days. 

For questions regarding eligibility to attend or admission standards, contact

For questions specific to the training program contact