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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice


Reactivation of Nebraska Law Enforcement Certification

If a Nebraska certified law enforcement officer is no longer employed as a law enforcement officer in the State of Nebraska or is not exercising law enforcement powers, that law enforcement certificate becomes inactive. The following standards as outlined in Title 79, Chapter 4 must be met in order to reactivate the certificate.

  • Be employed as a part or full time law enforcement officer working for more than 100 hours per year State Statute 81-1401.
  • Meet the minimum admission standards required for certification as a law enforcement officer in the State of Nebraska and testify that no acts or events have transpired that would affect certification. An individual is not eligible for reactivation if their certification has been revoked or suspended and cannot be under current disciplinary suspension.
  • Complete the following training standards to return to active status based upon the length of time spent on inactive status:
    • Inactive for 1 day to 4 years: completion of the State handgun qualification course and possession of a valid CPR/First Aid card.
    • Inactive for more than 4 years: completion of the State handgun qualification course, possession of a valid CPR/First Aid card, and meet all requirements for Reciprocity certification as outlined in Title 79 Chapter 3.

The program for Reactivation is the same as the Reciprocity program and consists of completing a physical test and a written examination.  

In addition to the requirements above, a Reactivation Application Packet must be completed and submitted to the NLETC along with a non-refundable processing fee. Tuition and fees link

Once the application has been approved, the applicant will be provided with a study guide for the written examination and the applicant must pay the testing fee found on the tuition and fees page.

The applicant will choose which type of physical test they want to complete.  The applicant may choose between the PRET and the essential Physical Job Tasks.

Testing for the physical and written examination is scheduled monthly and will be conducted at the NLETC. If the applicant is unsuccessful in any of the tests, they may return for the next scheduled testing.  The applicant is given two opportunities to pass the tests.  If the applicant is unsuccessful in completing the testing requirements and still desires basic certification, the applicant may apply for admission into basic certification training. (Basic Application Packet)

All application paperwork must be submitted to the NLETC within 21 days of appointment as a law enforcement officer with a Nebraska Law enforcement agency.

For questions regarding eligibility to attend, admission standards, or to request fingerprint cards, contact