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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Nebraska Victim Advocacy Program

The Statewide Victim Advocacy Program is able to ensure victims of crime, regardless of location or victimization type, have access to advocacy and direct client assistance, such as:

Information and Referrals

Personal Advocacy | Accompaniment

Emotional Support | Safety Services

Navigating the Criminal Justice System as a survivor

Assistance with filing Crime Victim Reparation (CVR) claims

Assisting victims with registration for NEVCAP (Nebraska’s offender notification system)


The Nebraska Victim Advocacy Program is committed to serving those affected by various victimization types (not an all-inclusive list):

  • DUI/DWI victims
  • Elder Abuse
  • Adult Survivors of Incest or Child Sexual Abuse
  • Survivors of Homicide Victims
  • Robbery
  • Assault


Contact Information

Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice
Federal Grants & Programs Division
Nebraska Victim Advocacy Program


Phone: 402.429.1609

Email: Victim Advocacy Coordinator | Julie Geise


NVAP Informational Material & Forms


Request Form

Release of Information

Confidentiality Notice

NVAP Quick Facts


There are 93 counties in the State of Nebraska and only 19 established Victim Assistance Programs. The Nebraska Victim Advocacy Program has the ability to work with survivors Statewide as well as those effected by the crime types that are often underserved, due to both the victimization type and location of residence, specifically rural communities.