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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Management and Supervision

According to Neb Rev. Stat. §81-1414, within one year of appointment as a law enforcement supervisor or manager, the individual is required to complete the mandatory training programs or obtain a waiver from the Police Standards Advisory Council. Waivers of attending the NLETC supervision or management courses have been granted by the Police Standards Advisory Council when an officer demonstrates that he/she has successfully completed supervision or management courses which meet or exceed the course offered at the NLETC.

A Supervisory position is defined in Title 79, Chapter 1, 004.47 as, "A position occupied by a person with lesser responsibility than a management position and who in the chain of command directly supervises subordinate officers or employees in their work performance and for which commensurate salaries are authorized." Typically this means corporals and sergeants in an agency.

Title 79, Chapter 1, 004.32 defines a Management position as; "The position occupied by the department or agency head (chief of police, superintendent, director, etc) or a person in charge of a division or unit of an agency which involves other employees and for which commensurate salary is authorized." This would include lieutenants, captains, deputy chiefs, chief deputy.


Upcoming Management and Supervision Sessions