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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Application Process

With the exception of fingerprint cards, all of the required forms for admission into basic certification are located here. Only the most current version of the forms will be accepted.

The fingerprint cards for this application must be supplied by the NLETC and can be requested by emailing

Steps of the Application Process

  1. To request a seat in an upcoming basic class, an agency either requests a slot in the class by emailing or submits a change in status form once the person is hired. Based on the current demands for seats, an agency can only request two (2) slots.
  2. According to state statute, the change in status form must be submitted no later than seven (7) days after the applicant has been hired. A change in status form may be submitted prior to the actual hiring date for the applicant. If a class is at or over capacity, the failure to comply with the seven (7) day requirement may result in the agency losing a priority seat in the class.
  3. Once the change in status form is received, the deadline for the agency to submit a completed application packet is twenty one (21) days from the date of hiring. It will be the responsibility of the agency to ensure that the packet is thoroughly inspected for completeness before it is submitted. The NLETC registrar will review the packet and advise the agency of any deficiencies. If any are noted, it renders the packet incomplete. The agency will then be given fourteen (14) days to rectify the deficiencies and return a completed packet. Failure to make and return the required corrections within the deadline may result in the agency losing a priority seat in the class. An agency only needs to correct the deficiencies and is not required to submit an entire new packet.
  4. No packets will be accepted and/or processed within thirty (30) days before the start of an academy class. If an incomplete packet is submitted at thirty (30) days prior to the start of the class and the class is at capacity, the agency may lose priority seating.
  5. Once the thirty (30) day deadline has passed, invitations to participate in the NLETC PRET will be emailed to the applicants who submitted packets on or before the deadline and the packet was approved.
  • ​The agency may conduct their own PRET within 4 months of the start of the academy. The results must be submitted with the rest of the application packet. Agency PRET Reporting Form
  1. Passing the PRET does not guarantee an automatic acceptance into the class. If the class is at capacity, a final determination for acceptance will be made based on compliance with all the steps of the application process.​