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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE)

Nebraska State Vine Hotline Fact Sheet

Nebraska Vine Number: 1-877-NE 4 VINE [(877) 634-8463]

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General Information

The Nebraska VINE service is provided by the Nebraska Sheriff’s Association, Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Coalition, Nebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime, Nebraska County Attorneys’ Association, Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, Nebraska Crime Commission and CJIS Advisory Committee.

VINE will monitor the custody status of adult inmates in all county jails and state prisons. Updated information is available 24 hours a day. VINE is available in English and Spanish and supported by 24-hour operator assistance.   


Anyone may call the Nebraska State VINE Hotline to determine the custody status of an inmate. Callers should know the inmate’s name or booking number. Callers may call as often as they like and do not have to register when calling.


Crime victims and the general public register directly with the VINE service by calling the VINE Hotline number. They will need to provide:

  • A telephone number they can be reached at for notification
  • 4-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number)

(Registered persons should update their telephone number or PIN by calling the VINE Hotline directly.)

Note: Case information is currently not available through VINE. Procedures are being developed to include automatic registration for court event information for Lancaster County as a pilot site. These procedures are not yet final.


Unless otherwise noted, notification calls begin as soon as the VINE Call Center receives updated records from the on-site computer (within 15 minutes of record change) and continue for 24 hours or until the notification is confirmed by the correct PIN.

Notification calls to registered victims will be made when one or more of the following occur:

County Jails

  • Inmate is released from custody for any reason
  • Death of the inmate (calls made only during daytime hours
  • Inmate escapes from custody
  • Inmate is returned to custody after escape (calls made only during daytime hours)
  • Inmate is transferred to another facility (delayed notification/calls made during daytime hours)

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (DCS)
In addition to the notifications listed above, the DCS will provide the following notifications:

  • Commute of sentence or pardon
  • Release to furlough, work release or community program (unsupervised custody)
  • Cancellation of scheduled release
  • Upcoming parole hearing (30 day advance/daytime hour notification)
  • Cancellation of parole hearing (daytime hours only)
  • Parole hearing results (daytime hours only)

Calling Patterns
High Priority – Notification calls will continue until a correct PIN is entered or until 24 hours have elapsed. When a custody status change occurs, the system will call the victim every 30 minutes if there is no answer or a busy signal is received. A message will be left on an answering machine but calls will continue every two hours. On an unconfirmed notification, calls will also be made every two hours. Notifications will take place throughout a 24 hour period unless otherwise noted as daytime hours only. Daytime hours are from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Delayed High Priority – These calls will begin six (6) hours after the transfer of the inmate and will continue until a correct PIN is entered or until 24 hours has elapsed. The system will call the victim every 30 minutes between the hours of 7:00 am and 9:00 pm, if there is no answer or a busy signal is received. A message will be left on an answering machine, but calls will continue every two hours. On an unconfirmed notification, calls will also be made every two hours.

Note: When a registered person is notified of an inmates transfer to another facility, he or she must re-register with VINE to keep the registration current.

Data Purge
Inmate records will be purged from the VINE database after the inmate has been released from custody for two weeks. Data will not be purged if there are open cases associated with the inmate.

Additional Assistance
For customer service, technical assistance or to report a possible problem call the VINE Customer Service Department at 1-800-865-4314.

VINE Jail Listings

County/City Jails Online with VINE
Adams Co. Jail Yes
Antelope Co. Jail Yes
Boone Co. Jail Yes
Box Butte Co. Jail Yes
Brown Co. Jail Yes
Buffalo Co. Jail Yes
Butler Co. Jail Yes
Cass Co. Jail Yes
Cedar Co. Jail Yes
Chase Co. Jail Yes
Cherry Co. Jail Yes
Cheyenne Co. Jail Yes
Clay Co. Jail Yes
Colfax Co. Jail Yes
Custer Co. Jail Yes
Dakota Co. Jail Yes
Dawes Co. Jail Yes
Dawson Co. Jail Yes
Deuel Co. Jail Jail Closed July 2001
Dixon Co. Jail Yes
Dodge Co. Jail No
Douglas Co. Corrections Yes
Omaha Correctional Center Yes
Dundy Co. Jail Yes
Fillmore Co. Jail Yes
Franklin Co. Jail Yes
Frontier Co. Jail Yes
Furnas Co. Jail Yes
Gage Co. Jail Yes
Garden Co. Jail Yes
Hall Co. Corrections Yes
Hamilton Co. Jail Yes
Harlan Co. Jail Yes
Hitchcock Co. Jail Yes
Holt Co. Jail Yes
Jefferson Co. Jail Yes
Johnson Co. Jail Yes
Kearney Co. Jail Yes
Keith Co. Jail Yes
Kimball Co. Jail Yes
Knox Co. Jail Yes
Lancaster County Jail (LCF facility) Yes
Lancaster County Jail (downtown facility) Yes
Lincoln Co. Jail Yes
Madison Co. Jail Yes
Norfolk City Jail No
Merrick Co. Jail Yes
Morrill Co. Jail Yes
Nemaha Co. Jail Yes
Nuckolls Co. Jail Yes
Superior City Jail (Nuckolls Co.) No
Otoe Co. Jail Yes
Phelps Co. Jail Yes
Pierce Co. Jail Yes
Platte Co. Jail Yes
Polk Co. Jail Yes
McCook City Jail (Red Willow Co.) Yes
Richardson Co. Jail Yes
Rock Co. Jail Yes
Saline Co. Jail Yes
Sarpy Co. Jail Yes
Sarpy Co. Jail Yes
Saunders Co. Jail Yes
Scotts Bluff Co. Corrections Yes
Seward Co. Jail Yes
Sheridan Co. Jail Yes
Thayer Co. Jail Yes
Thurston Co. Jail Yes
Valley Co. Jail Yes
Washington Co. Jail Yes
Webster Co. Jail Yes
York Co. Jail Yes