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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Veterans Information

The Training Center is approved for use of veterans’ educational benefits. Employers of law enforcement officers place a high value on the life experiences offered by a successful term of military service. Service members have demonstrated a dedication to public service and ability to adapt to a military command and control system which is similar to that found in most law enforcement agencies. Individuals with prior successful military service make attractive candidates for job openings within the profession.

New reciprocity rules adopted in 2016 make it easier for veterans who have had law enforcement training and have worked as a military police officer within two years of making application to receive reciprocity recognition. The rules allow for United States military police experience and assignments to count towards consideration of an abbreviated police academy. See Nebraska Administrative Code Chapter 3 for more information. All other admissions requirements and an entrance exam are still required.

The Training Center provides information on job openings within the state on this site.

If you are a Veteran or Service Member that would like to use your benefits while attending training at the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center, follow the instructions on the Veterans Information - Getting Started sheet.