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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice




Bryan Tuma Executive Director 531-893-0405
Perky Schoenhals Administrative Assistant 402-471-2194

Systems, Information Management, and Statistics

Drew Bigham Director 402-471-3992
Stacey Bellefeuille NCJIS Coordinator 402-310-1050
Nicole Carnes-Woutzke IT Business Systems Analyst Supervisor 402-540-1286
Michelle Pester  NCJIS Coordinator 402-309-3305
Vacant Project Coordinator    
Jan Mcnally UCR Program Manager 402-405-4474
Navruz Shaw Research Manager - Statistics 402-471-4327
Nick Munger Research Manager 531-207-8620
Elliott Veal Research Manager 402-540-1299
Amy Gathje Pardons Administration Manager 402-499-7586
Vacant IT Developer    

Juvenile Programs and Interventions

Amy Hoffman Director 402-471-3846
Erin Wasserburger Grant Administrator 402-471-3450
Jessica Svoboda Grant Administrator 402-910-7815

Budget & Accounting

Amanda Limbach Director 402-471-8799
Sher Schrader Administrative Programs Officer 402-580-9317
Vacant Accountant    

Jail Standards

Denny Macomber Director 402-471-3990
Chris Harrifeld Jails Examiner/Consultant 402-471-3133
Jodi Elsea Jails Examiner/Consultant 531-324-0647

Office of Violence Prevention

Paul Zieger Director 402-209-1907
Chris Carlile Federal Aid Admin 2 402-417-3673

Federal Grants and Programs 

Paul Zieger Director 402-209-3990
Marcella Johnson Grant Administrator 402-471-3871
Julie Geise Nebraska Victim Advocacy Coordinator 402-429-1609
Vacant Operations Assistant    
Vacant Grant Manager    
Ed Williams Grant Manager 402-471-2258
Shela Jones Grant Manager 402-471-3710
Chris Carlile Grant Manager 402-417-3673

Crime Victims Reparations

Gretchen Mills Crime Victim Reparations Specialist 402-471-2828

Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center - Grand Island

NLETC Phone - (308) 385-6030 NLETC Fax - (308) 385-6032
Mark Stephenson NLETC Director
Gene Boner Deputy Director
Dennis Leonard Investigator
Jessica Wagoner Program Manager
David Stolz Agency Counsel
Christopher Anderson Instructor
Patrick Benson Instructor
Christine Ericson Administrative Tech
Kay Fielding Administrative Tech
Steven Gobel Administrative Tech
Wyatt Hoagland Instructor
Martha Hutchinson Registrar
Mike Kerby Instructor
Rachel Kohlman Instructor
Rona Kucera Accountant
Daron Lindgreen Instructor
William Mathis Business Application System Technician
Jesse Parker Instructor
Melody Pebley Curriculum Coordinator
Kristine Sabata Compliance Coordinator