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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice


Name Title Phone E-mail


Darrell Fisher Executive Director 402-471-3847
Ann Bauers Administrative Assistant 402-471-2195

Budget & Accounting

Bruce Ayers Chief, Budget and Accounting Division 402-471-0359
Hillary Pospisil Personnel Officer 402-471-3415
Mary Thomason Business Manager 402-471-4496
Amanda Limbach Accountant 402-471-8799
Sher Schrader Crime Victim Reparations Manager 402-471-2828

Community Corrections

Linda Krutz Chief, Community Corrections Division 402-471-4327
Laurie Holman Policy Analyst 402-471-2259
Kitty Policky Secretary 402-471-3710


Lisa Stamm Chief, Grants Division 402-471-3687
Stephanie Booher Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-2274
Marcella Johnson Staff Assistant 402-471-3871
Merry Wills Federal Aid Administrator
Huong (Kristy) Nguyen Staff Assistant 402-471-2194
Alexandra Beck Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-3413
Jeff Mueri Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-3409
Vanessa Humaran Federal Aid Administrator
(Juvenile Services, Title II, RSAT, JAG PREA)
Amy Theilan Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-3418
Jessica Estes Federal Aid Administrator 402-471-2258
Kellie Rabenhorst Federal Aid Administrator
Brent Stephenson Disproportionate Minority Contact Cooridinator 402-471-3989

Information Services

Mike Fargen Chief, Information Services Division 402-471-3992
Deb Caha CJIS-Local Applications Coordinator 402-471-3968
Valerie Morris CJIS-Local Applications Coordinator 402-471-3419
Nick Steele Analyst 402-471-8044
Lydia Daniel UCR Statistical Analyst 402-471-3982
Emily Baughman UCR Statistical Clerk 402-471-2267

Jail Standards

Denny Macomber Chief, Jail Standards Division 402-471-3990
Dan Evans Jails Examiner/Consultant 402-471-3988
Chris Harrifeld Jails Examiner/Consultant 402-471-3133

Office of Violence Prevention

Christopher Harris Director, Office of Violence Prevention 402-471-3813

Juvenile Diversion

Amy Hoffman Administrator 402-471-3846

Community-based Juvenile Services Aid Program

Cynthia Kennedy Chief, Community-based Juvenile
Services Aid Program
Danni McGown Grants Financial Monitor 402-471-3420