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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

LB 1241 Overview

LB 1241 was passed by the 2022 Nebraska legislature. Governor Ricketts signed the bill April 21, 2022 with an emergency clause, making it effective immediately.

The Police Standards Advisory Council (PSAC or Council) is working on implementation of the new law. Listed below are some of the areas that have been changed as a result of the bill's passage.

This page will be updated as new directives from the Council are implemented.


  • Continuing Education Requirements for Retiring officers (81-1414.07)
    • ​A law enforcement officer may retire from service in good standing without meeting the continuing education requirements in the calendar year of the officer's retirement.
  • Reciprocity
    • ​Admission requirements remain the same except:
      • ​Removed admissions examination for the Reciprocity program
    • ​Eliminated training requirements for Nebraska laws and practices
    • Requires passing a physical fitness test
    • Requires passing a written examination
    • Requires development of a study guide for written examination
    • Requires testing to be conducted monthly
    • Classifies a Reciprocity officer as a noncertified conditional officer, allowing a reciprocity officer to work as a NCO prior to receiving Nebraska Certification
  • Created the Law Enforcement Attraction and Retention Act
    • ​The Council (PSAC) will award:
      • ​Incentive payments for officers with one year, three years and five years full time service
      • Creates application grants awarded by the Council to be used for hiring bonuses