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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Question: I am looking for a person that is currently in jail or in custody in your state. How can I find them?
    Answer: Victim Identification and Notification Everyday (VINE) provides phone and online searching capabilities for people in custody. Otherwise, the Nebraska State Patrol can provide criminal history background information, but not location information.
  2. Q. Can you provide criminal record information on a person?
    A. The Nebraska State Patrol can provide criminal history information.
  3. Q. What grants are currently available and where do I get the grant application?
    A. Available grants and grant applications are posted here on this site.
  4. Q. Please tell me how to find a job applicant's conviction record or history. Is there a statewide agency that collects these, or do I need to go to individual courts?
    A. The Nebraska State Patrol can provide criminal history information.
  5. Q. Please let me know what I can do to support or voice opposition to current or suggested legislation.
    A. Please contact your state senator to voice your comments and concerns on legislative matters.
  6. Q. I am looking for information about Nebraska's Death Row. Where can I find it?
    A. Please contact the Department of Correction Services.
  7. Q. Where would I apply for a private investigator's license in this state?
    A. Please contact the Nebraska Secretary of State.
  8. Q. Are there any grants within the Crime Commission that might be available to my organization?
    A. Our grant guidelines and currently available grants are posted on this site. Please find the relevant grant and review the requirements.
  9. Q. I would like information on getting an up-to-date copy of the Nebraska Jail Standards.
    A. Jail Standards documents can be found on this site as well from the Jail Standards Division.
  10. Q. I am a student conducting research on crime and related issues. How can I obtain statistics for Nebraska?
    A. The Crime Commission collects data on a variety of areas, please refer to our statistical documents and reports.
  11. Q. Where can I find rules and regulations?
    A. You can access state rules and regulations online, including Nebraska statutes.
  12. Q. Is the film/video library catalog available online?
    A. The Crime Commission no longer has a film library.
  13. Q. I would like to know if there are any programs or means by which a small police department can acquire a vehicle to be used as a patrol car.
    A. Equipment needs can be posted for law enforcement agencies to NCJIS.
  14. Q. I received a brochure entitled "A Guide to Juvenile Court for Parents and Children". Do you also have a brochure for parents in neglect/abuse cases in juvenile court?
    A. Sorry, we do not have such a brochure.
  15. Q. How do I find a record of an automobile death and possible criminal charges brought against a driver?
    A. Please contact the Nebraska State Patrol.
  16. Q. How do I find accident reports?
    A. Please contact the Department of Roads.
  17. Q. Does the Crime Commission have any job openings?
    A. All employment opportunities are posted with the Department of Administrative Services.
  18. Q. I have a strong interest in law enforcement and I am looking for a good place to learn to be a police officer.
    A. The Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center can provide information. Please contact (308) 385-6030.
  19. Q. I heard about a class coming up at the end of this month to be held in Grand Island. Would you be able to supply me with more information and registration forms?
    A. Please contact the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center in Grand Island, or visit their website at
  20. Q. I would love to have a patch/badge or other small article which features your department logo.
    A. The Crime Commission does not have patches or badges to exchange.
  21. Q. I would like to request a particular judge to be investigated or I have a complaint about an attorney.
    A. The Crime Commission is not an investigatory agency. Oversight power and duties are limited to Statute 81-1423. If you have a complaint about a judge or an attorney, please file your complaint.
  22. Q. I was wondering if there is a new Nebraska Criminal Justice Directory that you would be able to send me.
    A. Please contact our office at (402) 471-8044 or by email.
  23. Q. I am from an Insurance Company and we would like to find out how we can become a provider of an attorney legal education course for the state of Nebraska.
    A. The Commission approves CLE units for training of County Attorneys and their deputies. The curriculum must be job related. If you wish to review a course you are presenting, please email them to the Commission. Rules and Regulation are in Title 78 Chapter 6. A calendar posting CLE courses is online.
  24. Q. I have a complaint against a law enforcement officer. Who can I compain to?
    A. The Commission does not have the authority to investigate or discipline officers for complaints. Your best course of action is to make your complaint to the agency that employs the officer. They are the ones that have the ability to address any problems. If your complaint involves what you believe is a crime, then you can also contact either the County Attorney, Nebraska State Patrol or the Attorney General's Office.
  25. Q. I believe that a law enforcement agency has incorrect criminal history information on my record. How do I get it corrected?
    A. You should first contact the agency holding the record and attempt to get it corrected through them. If you are unsuccessful, you can contact the Nebraska State Patrol and ask them to ensure your record is correct. If neither of these is successful, you can access the Commission's appeal process at our Rules and Regulations site, Title 78, Chapter 1.
  26. Q. What is the process to have an officer's cerification taken away and what are the grounds for decertification?
    A. The decertification process is described in the Commission's Rules and Regulations, Title 79, Chapter 9.
  27. Q. I would like to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun. What is the procedure?
    A. Please contact the Nebraska State Patrol or visit for information about obtaining a concealed handgun permit.
  28. Q. I am an innocent victim of a crime and have suffered losses because of my victimization. Does Nebraska provide any victims compensation?
    A. Yes, compensation is available within certain guidelines. You can access the rules and information on this site.