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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice


eCitation is a computer software package for law enforcement officers which allows them to create, print, and electronically transmit the citations to Nebraska State Court Administrator’s Office. It is joint effort between county attorneys, law enforcement agencies, and the Crime Commission. The electronic document is facilitated via Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) made available to law enforcement officers and the Local Agency Record Management System (RMS). Crime Commission is the one who facilitates the data exchange. 


Officers issue electronic citations to violators replacing conventional citation pads with laptops / tablets and mobile printers, and paper tickets are only issued when the officer encounters a malfunction with the electronic citation process.  eCitation allows the officer/agency to avoid data entry errors by having quick and easy data fields auto –populated to the uniform citation form Data and images are routed to NCJIS and then made available to County Attorney.  Data is then made available to JUSTICE and County Attorney and a module is on NCJIS for County Attorney to access electronically. 


Nebraska Supreme Court has mandated that  those agencies who issues more than 500 citations per year has to submit citations electronically by 01/01/2020. Data elements for the Uniform Citation form is specified by the Nebraska Supreme Court. Vendors who wish to include an eCitation module in their Record Management System must adhere to the data requirements outlined in the XML/XSD materials below. Crime Commission administers funds for local law enforcement agencies to purchase necessary equipment of eCitation and do not have a preferred Vendor.


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