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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Director’s Message

The NLETC is a division of the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, commonly referred to as the Crime Commission. Bryan Tuma is the Executive Director of the Crime Commission.

The mission of the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center is twofold. The NLETC training division serves the training needs of Nebraska law enforcement agencies by educating, training, and evaluating law enforcement officers. The NLETC provides basic law enforcement certification training to all agencies in the state with the exception of the Nebraska State Patrol, The Omaha Police Division, The Lincoln Police Department and The Sarpy-Douglas Academy.

In my role as Director of Standards for the Police Standards Advisory Council, it is my duty to regulate all of the training academies and mandated programs statewide. This regulation ensures that all meet and maintain state certification requirements as established by the Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice through the Police Standards Advisory Council.

Additionally, the Director is tasked with investigating complaints of serious misconduct allegedly perpetrated by law enforcement officers in the State of Nebraska. Title 79 Chapter 9 provides more information regarding the revocation process of a law enforcement certificate.

It is an honor to provide this service to the law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve.

Please contact me at with any questions regarding the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center and our service to the citizens of the State of Nebraska.

Mark Stephenson, Director