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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Basic Certification Course Overview

The Training Center basic certification course is 15 weeks long and is conducted three times annually.  The Council has established a capacity for each class not to exceed 50 students.

The course is open to individuals who meet the admission criteria. The basic certification course is the statewide law enforcement certification curriculum as established by the Police Standards Advisory Council (PSAC).

Each basic certification course in the state must adhere to the Council approved job tasks.

The training program at the NLETC is a physically and mentally challenging program that incorporates a blend of online learning, classroom instruction, and hands-on skill development.

In order to receive certification a student must pass all written examinations, successfully complete all performance objectives. Students must also complete the essential physical job tasks as approved by PSAC. Link to physical job tasks.

The graduate, upon successful completion of the basic academy, has demonstrated that they possess the knowledge and skills necessary to assume entry-level law enforcement duties.  Many agencies will conduct additional field training for new hires.