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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Automatic License Plate Reader Resources


Nebraska Revised Statute §60-3206 (3)(a)(i-ii) requires agencies using automatic license plate readers to report certain data to the Commission on a yearly basis.

An agency reports on a 12-month basis, starting when its reader program was launched, so the annual reporting may not align with calendar or fiscal years. Also, if an agency ceases to use the readers, a report may not be filed as there may not be data to disclose. Agencies are not required to notify the Commission when they end a reader program.

The agencies listed below are known current or past users based on previous data submissions or mentions in the media.


Nebraska State Patrol

No reports. Nebraska Revised Statute §60-3206 (3)(b) exemption based on use noted in Nebraska Revised Statute §60-3203(2)(e) regarding “weighing stations”.


Buffalo County Sheriff's Office


Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office - Since 2018


Seward County Sheriff’s Office - Start Date Unknown

No reports received.


York County Sheriff’s Office - Since 2020


Bellevue Police Department - Since 2022


Kearney Police Department - Since 2022


Lincoln Police Department

LPD used early ALPR technology before the passage of LB 93 (2018). Due to equipment issues and changing technology, LPD discontinued ALPR use prior to the passage of the legislation.


North Platte Police Department


Omaha Police Department

Discontinued ALPR use prior to the passage of the legislation due to equipment issues.


Omaha Airport Authority Police - Since 2018