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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Juvenile Court Reports

Juvenile Court Reporting (JCR)

The Nebraska Crime Commission’s Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) collects information from the courts on juveniles processed through the juvenile justice system. Approximately 8,000 juvenile cases a year receive final disposition or judgment which are reported to the Crime Commission by paper forms and by the computerized court system JUSTICE.  Various statistics are compiled from these data by the SAC for use in juvenile justice planning.  Data are provided back to local and state agencies, policy makers, the courts, National Center for Juvenile Justice and federal Bureau of Justice Statistics.

Nebraska Juvenile Court Data Set

Juvenile court information has been submitted to the Crime Commission on an ongoing basis for over 20 years. When a case reaches a disposition, meaning finality with concern to the court procedings, a data collection form is completed and forwarded to the Crime Commission. The reported information is collected within the county court or by the probation office. There data typically include cases which have been handled with a formal petition having been filed. The statistics reported here by the Crime Commission only contain information on cases handled through a formal petition. The terms, cases, petitions and referrals may all be used describe the same group of juveniles processed. Data since 1995 are available through the links below, classified by the date of disposition. This does not necessarily represent all cases filed in juvenile court during those times; rather only those that received final a disposition or judgment. Information on pending cases is not included.