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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Grant Training

Project Planning Grant Writing

The Nebraska Crime Commission staff provide this training on an annual basis. It covers planning, components of grant writing, evaluation, project implementation and overall tips for grant writing. There is typically a minimal cost for the training. Notification of the training goes in by mail, email and will be posted on the Crime Commission's calendar page. If you wish to be added to the mailing list please contact us.

Grant Management

All entities awarded funds by the Nebraska Crime Commission are required to attend Grant Management training. Details about the training will be provided in the award letter. Basic grant management information can be found in the Grant Management Information

  • Procurement
    • All contracts that are written must go through a procurement process. What that process entails depends on the agency that writes this contract.
    • State agencies must follow the procurement process that is governed by DAS, it is on their website and has two manuals, one covering Services and the other covering goods and commodities.
    • Counties must follow the Nebraska state statute
    • All other agencies (Non – profit, cities, etc.) must follow their written procurement process and if they do not have a written procurement process then it reverts back to the issuing agencies procurement process which would be the State’s Procurement Process in the case of the Crime Commission.
  • Federal Grant Reimbursement Process

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