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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Information Systems Advisory Committee

The CJIS Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from a variety of state and local criminal justice agencies appointed by the Crime Commission's Executive Director. The Director of the Crime Commission's Statistical Analysis Center provides primary staff support for Committee activities as well as currently serving as chairperson of the CJIS Advisory Committee.


Representation Person
Nebraska Crime Commission Drew Bigham (Chairperson)
Nebraska State Patrol Jeff Avey
Police Chiefs Association of Nebraska Vacant
Police Officers' Association of Nebraska Brian Jackson
Victim Assistance Kerri McGrury
Police/Research Corrections Vacant
State Court Administration Jennifer Rasmussen
Nebraska Crime Commission Weysan Dun
Nebraska Probation Court Gene Cotter
Nebraska Parole Jennifer Miller
Department of Health and Human Services Doug Beran
Office of the Chief Information Officer Jim Ohmberger
Nebraska County Attorneys Association Sarah Kay
Public Defender Joe Nigro



Annual Reports