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Nebraska Crime Commission

Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Information Systems Advisory Committee

The CJIS Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives from a variety of state and local criminal justice agencies appointed by the Crime Commission's Executive Director. The Director of the Crime Commission's Statistical Analysis Center provides primary staff support for Committee activities as well as currently serving as chairperson of the CJIS Advisory Committee.


Member Agency Person Location
Nebraska Crime Commission Mike Fargen (Chairperson) Lincoln
Nebraska State Patrol Lt. John Shelton Lincoln
Police Officers's Association of Nebraska Scot Ford South Sioux City
Police Chiefs's Association of Nebraska Capt. Byron Patterson Kearney
Nebraska Sheriff's Association Sheriff Gregg Magee Hastings
Nebraska Department of Correctional Services Ron Riethmuller Lincoln
State Court Administrator's Office Frank Goodroe Lincoln
Nebraska Probation Administration Dave Wegner Lincoln
Nebraska County Attorneys' Association Kenneth Lee Polikov Columbus
Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys' Association Dennis Keefe Lincoln
Nebraska Attorney General's Office Bill Howland Lincoln
Omaha Police Department Tony Infantino or Jeff Miller Omaha
Lincoln Police Department Ed Ragatz Lincoln
Nebraska Interagency Data Communications Advisory Committee Ron Bowmaster Lincoln
Nebraska Parole Board Rachel Marden Lincoln
League of Nebraska Municipalities Lash Chaffin Lincoln
Nebraska Association of County Officials Elaine Menzel Lincoln
Clerks of the District Court Employees Marlene Vetick Columbus
Nebraska Association of County Courts    
Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services    
Nebraska Domestic Violence / Sexual Assault Coalition Sarah O'Shea Lincoln
Nebraska Coalition for Victims of Crime Mary Tyner Omaha
Nebraska Commission on Public Advocacy Steve Worster Lincoln


Participating Agencies

Nebraska Department of Education
Nebraska Deptartment of Roads
Department of Motor Vehicles


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